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If you have ever felt badly about being a salesperson, this is a must-have guide to find your pride and confidence again. Stacey confirms that sales is one of the most caring, noble and profitable professions when we focus on solving problems rather than 'winning the sale.' 

Jim Britt,World’s Top 20 Success Strategist and Speaker, #1 International Best-selling Author

Stacey Hall has given me so many ideas on strategies
I can implement to grow my business that I
never would have thought of.

Elisa Mardegan, Founder of EAM Digital Marketing and theMOMBOSScoach

Stacey Hall has ignited a sales revolution. This strategy will help you align with your core values, and from an authentic place create more sales in your business without rejection... get ready for a breakthrough! 

~ Brian Fanale,MLSP Co-Founder, Online Marketing Expert, Trainer, Speaker & Copywriting Wizard

Stacey Hall validates everyone who earns their living by making sales. She inspires us all to realize we make a big difference in the lives of others as we solve problems with our products and services. And she reminds us to stay true to our own values to attract those customers, who resonate strongly and powerfully with our message and our mission.

Kim Ward, CEO Katie's Mission, Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Coach

This is the guide that all network marketing leaders
will want their team members to follow. This is for
those who want to rise through the ranks and
achieve their sales and team-building goals. This is for those who want to feel confident, powerful, and in alignment with their values.

~ George Madiou, CEO and Founder, The Network Marketing Magazine

Stacey Hall is an Amazing Marketer who knows how to
get the task accomplished in Grand style. Stacey goes
over and beyond and always has everyone’s best
interest at heart! Words can’t express the VALUE I’ve gained from the short time I’ve known her. Thank you so much Stacey Hall from my heart to yours!
~ Darlene Williams

Stacey Hall is an expert marketer with a gift for identifying a goal, getting 50 persons to self-align with the same objective, and teaching and guiding consistently along the way. The fact that a book was introduced, written, and published with 2 huge virtual parties is indeed remarkable. Stacey is a strong mentor, a talented author, and a leader in her field. Working alongside her has made me stronger, more capable, and a better person. Thank you, Stacey! 

~ Elaine Payne

Stacey Hall is an amazingly wonderful woman. She has an exquisite personality and professionalism. Her knowledge of business and marketing is astounding. Add to this, her approach to Social Media, she is an absolute genius! Stacey has taken Attraction-Permission Marketing in a direction that is soul-satisfying, with her Go For YES! Course.
She has proven herself to be, both, a very strong leader and teacher. Her ways of explaining the information are very unique and to the point, while showing us the business decorum we should be presenting. Stacey Hall does not just teach how to “business”, she teaches professional etiquette. I would recommend all of Stacey Hall’s courses. Learn as much as you can from her... 
...she has a wealth of knowledge! 

~ Brenda Wilson

Stacey has been so helpful for moving my business forward on social media. I have finally discovered my ideal audience and niche that actually excites me every day to talk about without feeling pushy or being salesy. 

Charlice Arnold

I detest the saley-ness and fear mongering of the ‘everyone within 3 feet is a target’ method. With Stacey, I have discovered a new way to find customers and clients through social media. I am growing my business with integrity and respect for myself and others. Now I have confidence and clarity to attract my ideal clients. 

Candace Oliver

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